Razer introduces "Project Linda"

Razer's Project Linda turns your Razer phone into a laptop

It's practically become a CES tradition at this point for Razer to show up with some sort of cool new prototype piece of hardware. And this year at CES 2018, the company is showing off Project Linda, a companion piece of hardware for the recently released Razer Phone that extends the smartphone into a full laptop.

Imagine a portable laptop shell that you run off your phone, powerful enough to run a full Linux distribution like Kali Linux! Hardware products like this are always incredible. And the build quality of Razer’s solution looks very high-end.

90% of the problems that occur with products like this is software. The OS bundled is always often a mobile OS stretched out to a desktop screen. You even see it it in the video above, when the Settings screen is up, it’s just a stretched out Android OS.

In my opinion Razer should implement is a flexible window manager, capable of displaying Android apps (& settings view) in small windows, at the resolution of the phone (so existing apps just feel like panels). Allow apps to build on top of that, like Chrome with its full screen view, but floating panels at the resolution of the phone screen sounds like a great way to offer existing Android apps a good UX in this environment.