AWS Cloudwatch Logs

In a world dominated by containers & microservices over servers & monoliths, it’s important to get your application logs sorted. Here’s a brief overview of iterations of application log stacks in production-level applications at Car Throttle.

Emoji Shorts

Sometimes, when you work with emojis 😎😍🤖🌎✊ they can be a real pain in the ass. One physical symbol can equal up to four Unicode characters, so when counting strings & encoding emojis into a valid format for your favourite legacy database, these fun little icons can physically make you 😡

Deploying with Docker & AWS

Since I installed Docker on my personal Ubuntu server, I’ve been diving into the deep end of images & containers. It’s a completely different way of developing applications & platforms, and now it’s time to bring the Docker way of thinking to my work. Enter AWS, EC2 Container Service and all of the goodies 😝


After reading this excellent article about now Netflix handles scaling & versioning, and also from experience, it’s safe to say that writing a versioned API is a pain. Supporting older “legacy” clients is tedious and often leads to unexpected behaviours & bugs. You end up with split URL paths like /v1 & /v2, and having to update clients (especially clients following an app-store model where there is no guarantee the user will update the app) becomes impossible since the URLs are fixed.

So, those Node Modules...

If you follow the nodejs community, you may have recently heard about wide-spread issues the community encountered when a developer pulled his widely-used dependencies from the registry. Whilst this article is focused on how to decrease the time each staging deployment takes, it also happens to be why the Car Throttle stack was unaffected.

Telegram Hero

So, if you’ve ever used Telegram, you’ll know how great it is to chat securely between people. And if you’re a developer and you’ve checked out Telegram Bots, you’ll know there is an API to allow you to programmatically communicate with people.


Working closely with Matt House and Matt Weeks in my final year of University, we built a web-platform for our dissertation to help new third-year students looking for groups & final-year-projects. I focused on the backend service, writing the entire stack in PHP (better the devil you know), building my own framework as I went along, and I’m pleased to say the entire project is open-sourced on Github 😎


Wöbu - “what about you” - was an app for users looking to react in real-time to events or friends posts by creating an animated GIF of their expression.

Advice From Chris

So I was looking for a way to teach myself Node.JS and MongoDB, so I decided to write an API for an “advice engine”, somewhere to store quotes and display them on a lovely website.

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