Project: Wöbu

Project: Wöbu


Wöbu - “what about you” - was an app for users looking to react in real-time to events or friends posts by creating an animated GIF of their expression.

The backend platform was one of my earliest production-level projects written in NodeJS, although realistically all it did was execute MySQL stored procedures & store images to specific locations on Rackspace’s CDN. Some of the MySQL stored procedures were rather interesting, ranging from fetching entire comment threads with a single query (and then some clever sorting at the API layer) to returning chronological feeds with live engagement numbers.

The app itself was built by the wonderful @wakachamo, and it was awesome to work in such a tight development environment, with the occasional accent breakout & reddit post to keep us entertained well into the early hours of the morning!

Ultimately it was a fun app that I loved working on, and it convinced me that this profession is where I want to be: building products & services for people to consume on a daily basis ✌️